Real Name: Doctor Stort (first name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Former resident psychiatric advisor for Gamma Base, former saboteur of same installation, currently unknown

Group Membership: Former Gamma Base employee

Affiliations: None known, but some group or individual may have helped in funding/creating the Distorter technology

Enemies: Critics of his theories on hypnosis, Hulk.

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Gamma Base in the desert of New Mexico

Appearances: Marvel Superheroes III#3/4 (Fall, 1990)

Powers: Dr. Stort had no inherent powers, but he was skilled enough in psychiatric techniques to get a position at Gamma Base as a psychiatric advisor. Further, his knowledge of hypnosis, coupled with the Distorter technology, provided him with mind-control capabilities over sentient beings, including the Hulk. The Distorter technology also enveloped him from the groin up in an energy field which was strong enough to stun the Hulk, hide his identity, and probably provided him with some measure of physical protection, allowing him to survive several blows from the Hulk, being thrown into a flying helicopter by the Hulk, and the resulting fall.

Limitations: The Distorter technology did not cover or protect his legs from attacks. The technology could only control sentient lifeforms, and it seemed that direct verbal commands were necessary for the control.

History: (Marvel Superheroes III#3/4) - Knocking the Hulk out as the Distorter, he discovered that Bruce Banner and the Hulk were one in the same (presumably this story took place before the Hulks alter-ego was public knowledge--it did--Snood). He planned on using the Hulk as an instrument of world conquest/destruction, starting with Gamma Base. He used the Hulk to destroy a test rocket shortly after it was launched, but it was actually a decoy meant to draw out any potential saboteur, including the Hulk.

Using the mock-rocket's destruction as cover in order to give the Hulk further commands, the Distorter called the Hulk toward him, but the Hulk resisted and grew increasingly angry. With his rage increasing and his intelligence decreasing in turn, the Hulk overcame the commands of the Distorter. With this, the Distorter raised his energy field and engaged the Hulk physically.

But being no match for an enraged Hulk, he was quickly defeated and rendered unconscious. While still insensate, he was found by General "Thunderbolt" Ross and several soldiers who all identified him as a saboteur.

Comments: Unfortunately created by Steve Ditko, fleshed out by Hollis Bright’s script. Where to begin?

This story took place before the Hulk's alter-ego was public knowledge and while Gamma Base was a fully functional military installation under the auspices of General "Thunderbolt" Ross.

There are several inconsistencies with this story. Firstly, the Hulk was colored gray but was referred to as "that Green Goliath," "that Gray/Green Goliath," and the " Jade Giant" by General Ross -- perhaps the Distorter’s hypnosis power briefly unleashed the gray Hulk’s personality. Further confusion came from the fact that the Hulk only had four fingers and three toes!

Where did the Distorter go after this story? Where did he get the funding for the powerful technology he employed? Perhaps he created and built the Distorter technology, but the fight he had with the Hulk gave him amnesia, making him lose his memory, including the plans for the Distorter technology and his knowledge of the Hulk’s alter-ego. This could be why we have yet to see Dr. Stort or his technology resurface.

Based on what was revealed in the story, there was no evidence linking Stort with the rocket sabotage.

To make everything easier, you can believe that this story took place in a parallel universe.--I'd go with a light ret-con story until proven otherwise--Snood

Profile by KYLE SMITH

Clarifications: The Distorter should not be confused with:

Marvel Superheroes III#3/4 (Fall, 1990) - Hollis Bright (writer), Steve Ditko (plot/pencils), Marshall Rogers (inks), Mark Gruenwald (editor)

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