Real Name: Bronek

Identity/ Class: Extra-Terrestrial, Kree civilian/ scientist

Occupation: Engineer, Scientist

Affiliations: Supreme Intelligence, Kree

Known Relatives: None

Alias: None

Base of Operations: Hala(presumably) @ 78, 000 B. C.

Appearances: No known appearances. Mentioned in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#9 (September, 1983)

Powers: He possesses the average strength for a Kree male of his height and weight who possibly engages in exercise. He was presumably a skilled engineer and inventor, and experienced with the technology of the Kree of his era.

History: As you might have noticed not much is known nor confirmed about Bronek. He lived in or around 78,000 B.C. (obviously this date applies to his existence relative to Earth time not Kree).. He functioned as an Engineer on his planet of Hala. He is a very Important character, however, one that change the Marvel Universe in ways one can’t imagine. He created (that’s right created) the first Sentry. You know, those big robots that look like Sentinels but are not. Well, that’s the guy who created them.
It was the Kree Year 1220 in which he created the first Sentry
. He developed a prototype Sentry, and the Supreme Council of the Kree Empire immediately began mass-producing it for military purposes.--Snood

Comments: Created by Mark Gruenwald.

Bronek is the most elusive character I have ever had the pleasure of reading about.

I'm not aware of any appearances, and as far as I can recall, Bronek was named created in the OHotMU. Let me know if he is seen/described anywhere else.--Snood.

You can get the full background on the Sentries from the OHotMU (up to 1990),
or check out:

Profile by FortMax and Snood.


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