Real Name: Stuart Sarris

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: former research scientist at Riverco

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Darkhawk, Riverco (his former employers)

Known Relatives: wife and two daughters (unnamed)

Aliases: Barracuda (he was never actually called this, but his name is obviously a shortened form of this)

Base of Operations: currently unknown; formerly the New York Harbors, and then presumably the Vault.

First Appearance: Darkhawk#33 (November, 1993)


Powers: Cuda is amphibious, and possesses superhuman strength (Class 10-15) and durability. He has tentacles on his head and back which are fully functional and can be used to ensnare or crush a foe. He could swim at great speeds, although his top speed is unknown. He is adapted to underwater life. His primary limitation is an utter dependence on the precise water/chemical composition of the New York Harbors. If he is taken out of that water for any length of time, he would die.
In addition, Cuda created and uses a number of weapons, such as an energy blade and concussion grenades.



History: (Darkhawk#34(fb))-Stuart Sarris was a research scientist working on reversal of pollution. He was making major breakthroughs , but Riverco, the company which employed him wanted to use his work to enable them to hide their pollution, rather than spend the additional money to clean it. Sarris spoke out against Riverco, and was subsequently poisoned them. They poisoned him with a variant of his own research, which was site specific to the area for which it was designed. He mutated into an aquatic lifeform which was dependent on the New York Harbors





(DarkH#33, 34)-Cuda began attacking ships using the New York Harbors, in an effort to keep all others out and prevent any chance of changing its environment. Darkhawk investigated the attacks, and was pulled into the harbors by Cuda. Cuda nearly drowned Darkhawk on their first encounter, but he narrowly escaped by using a blast from his amulet. Darkhawk later returned to the Harbor, but this time Cude used a grenade to cover his own escape. Darkhawk then researched (anyone remember microfiche?) sealife and conveniently learned Cuda's full origins. Darkhawk returned to the Harbor once more, and this time managed to overpower Cuda. Darkhawk dropped Cuda off with the police and gave them specific instructions to put him in a tank in the Vault or somewhere. Cuda was cuffed and taken away by the police.


Comments: Created by Danny Fingeroth and Tod Smith.







Cuda looks like the New Atlanteans of the future of 2099 (drawn by Paul Ryan). Pictured here is their leader, Dragonklaw. Connection? We'll never know.







Clarifications: He has no known connection to:


Other appearances:
Darkhawk#34 (December, 1993)

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