Real Name: Dr. Victoria "Vicki" Montesi

Identity/Class: Human/demon hybrid, Presumably a citizen of Italy

Occupation: Former medical resident(?) and occult investigator

Group Membership: Darkhold Redeemers

Midnight Sons (Blade, John Blaze, Frank Drake, Dr. Strange,
Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch/Noble Kale, Hannibal King, Morbius, Vengeance),
Blood (Caretaker, Foundry, Raydar, Regent, Seer, Truthsayer, Xoc),
Agatha Harkness, Midwife, Punisher (Frank Castle), Sabretooth, Scarlet Witch

former lover of Nash Salvato;
pawn of
briefly linked to the

Enemies: Chthon, Darkholders (DeGuzman), Diabolique, Dwarf,
Fallen (Atrocity, Embyrre, Metarchus, Patriarch, Ranter),
General Mark Hamilton, Mr. Hayward,
the Lilin (Bad Timing, Blackout, Bloodthirst, Dark Legion, Doc, Fang, Girth, Infinks, Meatmarket, Nakota, Outcast, Parasite, Pilgrim, Pixil, Short Circuit, Sister Nil, Skinner, Skitter, Spitfire),
Lilith, Mercy, N'Garai, Paralyzer,
Spider-X, Reverend Styge, Switchblade, Morton Thurnton, Troids, Donald J. Walsh, Zarathos, Zzzax



Known Relatives: Monsignor Vittorio Montesi ("father"), Chthon ("father"); Giacomo, Giuseppe, Marcello, and Paolo Montesi (ancestors)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile;
   formerly Louise Hastings' mansion, New Hope, Connecticut (see comments);
   formerly Rome, Italy

First Appearance: Darkhold: Tales from the Book of Sins#1 (October, 1992)



Powers/Abilities: Victoria is actually a human/demon hybrid of some sort, or at least a human infused with black magic. Her major superhuman power would be the ability to sense whenever a page of the Darkhold is accessed. In addition, she proved invisible and undetectable to the N'Garai demons. She is a trained physician (either an intern or resident, or early in her career, although her area of interest is unknown). Her time spent opposing the forces of the Darkhold gave her some experience with hand to hand combat and the use of conventional firearms. She is fluent in both English and Italian.
While using the Darkhold's Spell of Healing, Victoria could instantly heal others from otherwise fatal wounds.

History: Victoria Montesi is descended from a long line of priests who safeguarded and prevented misuse of the Darkhold, the Book of Sins. A special clause in the Catholic Church allowed these preists to marry, in order to continue their bloodline. Unbeknownst to all save his doctor, her father, Vittorio, was sterile. Realizing how critically important it was to carry on the family line, Vittorio succumbed to the temptation to use the power of the Darkhold. Using its magic, he fathered Victoria.

Victoria grew up regarding her father's teachings and warnings as mere superstition, and as she grew older, they grew further apart. Victoria went to Medical School, and she fell in love with Nash Salvato. When Victoria revealed that she had fallen in love with another woman, Vittorio virtually disowned her. She continued her training and/or practice at a hospital in Rome, Italy, and shared an apartment with Nash.

(Darkhold: Tales from the Book of Sins#1) - During the events of the storyline referred to as the "Rise of the Midnight Sons", the demon-queen Lilith and her children, the Lilin, were released from a long period of imprisonment. In the chaos that ensued, a number of groups and individuals gathered together to combat these demons. At the same time, the Dwarf and the Other began actively manipulating people to use pages from the Darkhold, in order to gain power for their lord, the Elder God Chthon.
Victoria began to have visions every time a page was used. Not realizing the significance of these visions, she dismissed them as stress. The Darkholders, a cult worshipping Chthon, recognized Victoria's hereditary significance and targeted her for assassination. They planted a bomb on her apartment door, but Nash was the victim instead. Victoria recovered after three days, but Nash was left in a coma.
Interpol, at the request of the Vatican (and Vittorio Montesi himself), assigned agent Sam Buchanon to protect Victoria. Buchanon helped defend Vicki from an attack by more Darkholders, and then they ended up joining forces with Louise Hastings against Donald Walsh, who had activated the Darkhold's Chameleon Worms spell. The struggle was joined by Lilith and some of her Lilin, but the heroes were aided by Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch and John Blaze. Together they succeeded in destroying Walsh and driving off the Lilin.

(Ghost Rider III#31) - Vicki, Sam, and Louise again encountered the Lilin, alongside the rest of the Midnight Sons.

(Darkhold: Tales from the Book of Sins#2) - Vicki and the other "Darkhold Redeemers" encountered Mark Hamilton and Morton Thurton, who were using a Darkhold "Spell of Finding."

(Darkhold: Tales from the Book of Sins#3-4) - Vicki and the others were joined by Sabretooth in the town of Perfection, South Carolina, where Aurora Poule used a Darkhold Spell--summoning the N'Garai to slaughter the residents of the town.

(Darkhold: Tales from the Book of Sins#5) - Alongside the Punisher, Vicki and the others battled the zombies of Rev. Styge, who was using a Darkhold spell of resurrection.

(Darkhold: Tales from the Book of Sins#6-7) - Vicki and the others traveled to Hawaii, where they opposed the Darkhold "Memory Spell" of Mr. Haywood, which sought to repeat the events of the Pearl Harbor attack. They also encountered Dr. Strange, Agatha Harkness, and the Scarlet Witch, as well as Modred the Mystic, during this struggle.

(Darkhold: Tales from the Book of Sins#8-10) - Aboard an airplane, Vicki and the others fought the effects of a Darkhold "Wish Spell". These events joined them with Jinx, Louise's grandson.
Meanwhile, Sam Buchanon had never believed in magic, and thought all of their encounters involved high-tech tricks. He also believed that the reason Victoria knew about the use of the Darkhold pages was because she was secretly in league with the Darkholders. Working with his superior in the CIA, DeGuzman, he ambushed Victoria and the others, and then turned Victoria in. However, DeGuzman was the leader of a sect of the Darkholders, and attempted to have Victoria killed. Buchanon realized his mistake before it was too late, and rescued Vicki. DeGuzman and his Darkholders, meanwhile, were slain by the demon-child Diabolique.

(Midnight Sons Unlimited#1/2) - Vicki, Sam, and Louise encountered Mercy, a criminal using another page of the Darkhold.

(Midnight Sons Unlimited#2/2) - Vicki, Sam, and Louise encountered Frank West who had utilized a Darkhold spell and became a victim of the Troids.

(Midnight Sons Unlimited#3) - Vicki, Sam, and Louise, alongside the rest of the Midnight Sons, encountered Spider X, Zzzax, and the Paralyzer.

(Darkhold: Tales from the Book of Sins#11, Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance#13) - Blade used the Demogorge page of the Darkhold to gain great power in an effort to wipe out all forces of magic. Vicki was one of his first victims, and was killed by him in his new Switchblade persona.
Vicki and all others slain by Switchblade were conveniently resurrected when Louise used the Darkhold itself to reverse the Deomogroge spell, curing Blade of the Switchblade/Demogorge identity.

(Darkhold: Tales from the Book of Sins#12) - Diabolique learned the truth about Victoria from another demon, the Whisperer.

(Morbius: The Living Vampire I#13) - Victoria felt the effects of Morbius use of the Darkhold Page of Resurrection, which he used on Martine Bancroft.


(Darkhold: Tales from the Book of Sins#13-14) - In an effort to save Nash, Victoria used a Darkhold "Spell of Healing", which resulted in the creation of Monstrosity, which retraced Vicki's steps and slew all it encountered. Eventually Vicki realized what was going on and managed to renounce the spell. Monstrosity was banished, but Nash died as well.
The fact that the Montesi family was supposed to be "incorruptible," and yet Victoria had used a page of the Darkhold, led Hastings to investigate Victoria's past. Hastings learned Victoria's true nature, as actually being a creation of the Darkhold.





(Nightstalker#14, Ghost Rider III#44, Marvel Comics Presents I#143, Darkhold: Tales from the Book of Sins#15, Morbius: The Living Vampire I#16,
Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#60, Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance#17, Nightstalkers#15, Ghost Rider III#45, Darkhold: Tales from the Book of Sins#16, Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance#18 (see comments) ) - During the events known as "The Siege of Darkness", Vicki encountered a number of Lilin, Blood, and Fallen. She began to have morning sickness, despite the possibility of natural pregnancy. Sam and Vicki, possessing minimal ability to directly combat the powerful demons, sat out the final battle against Zarathos.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#145/4-146/3) - Shortly after this, Victoria at last learned her own true nature, as the spawn of Chthon, now pregnant with him (magic, ya know?) and preparing to deliver the demon into the mortal plane. These events pulled her away from Buchanon, and the Redeemers dissolved permanently.
The N'Garai attempted to abduct Vicki to the realm of Chthon, but she was saved by Dr. Strange.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#61) - Dr. Strange brought Victoria to his Sanctum, which had been destroyed. He then brought her to the Forge Canal, his temporary base of operations, and placed her within a stasis box, to halt the flow of time around her in an effort to prevent the birth of Chthon. As she slept, she had somewhat incoherent dreams.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#72) - Sister Nil observed Victoria within the stasis box.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#78 - BTS) - Modred the Mystic, again under the influence of Chthon, burst in the Tempo Building, another temporary HQ of Dr. Strange, and attempted to free Victoria. Strange duped Modred with a false image of Victoria, and then banished him to Thailand.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#89-90) - Chthon sent the Midwife to Earth. She made her way into the Tempo Building and freed Victoria from the stasis box, allowing her pregnancy to rapidly progress into labor. Strange sensed this and entered Chthon's realm in an effort to drive him back. Chthon easily overpowered Strange and forced him back to Earth, but not before Strange could drive a wedge of his own greates power into Chthon. As the labor progressed on Earth, Strange tapped into Victoria's spirit, her inner "goodness", and used it to magnify the wedge within Chthon. The force of this magic was great enough that Chthon would risk his own life by coming to Earth. As a result, the labor (and apparently the pregnancy(?)) was terminated.

Victoria survived, although her subsequent activities are unknown.

Comments: Created by Christopher Cooper and Richard Case.

So the Montesis are incorruptable, and its only because Victoria was a product of dark magic that she succumbed to the Darkhold, right? Well then what about her father, Vittorio? He should have been incorruptable, too!

Victoria Montesi is pictured with the Midnight Sons as they enter the lair of Zarathos and the Fallen in Spirits of Vengeance#18. She shouldn't be with them, because Strange had already taken her to the Forge Canal and placed her in stasis.

Lilith, mother of the Lilin, @ Ghost Rider III#28, should not be confused with:

Mercy, Norman Zachos, @ Midnight Sons Unlimited#1, has no known connection to:

Modred the Mystic should not be confused with:

The Other, should not be confused with:

Switchblade, Blade, has no known connection with:




Nash Salvato is Victoria's former lover. Her career is unknown, although she was a blackbelt in karate. They lived together in Rome, Italy before Nash was nearly killed by a bomb left for Victoria by the Darkholders. Nash remained in a coma until she finally gave up the ghost when Victoria accessed the Darkhold in an effort to save her. Nash made her see that it was not worth it. Nash's parents did not approve of her relationship with Victoria, and they blamed Vicki for her injuries and subsequent death.
--Darkhold#1 (13, 14







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Darkhold#1, p5, pan4 (Nash Salvato)

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