Real Name: Colin Snewing

Identity/Class: Human (Marvel UK) mutate; UK citizen

Occupation: Assassin, personal assistant, industrial spy, fashion model

Group Membership: None; formerly the Bane (Leo De Benning, Rowan Gowell, Francesca Lexley Grace, Brent McCinley, Mr. Robart, Tongs, many others), Omni Corporation (Leo De Benning, Francesca Lexley Grace, Ricou Mendez, Van Ocken, Rhett, others);
   former leader of his "Pilgrims" (Babe, Kent, Matt Shane)

Affiliations: Sir Ian Chalmers, Mr. Sanders, Red Lord (Bodb Derg);
   formerly Cam McClellan

Enemies: Black Panther (T'Challa), Captain Britain (Brian Braddock), Florida Coast Guard (Cruz, Captain Kerrigan, others), Green Knight, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Knights of Pendragon (Albion/Peter Hunter, Adam Crown, Ben Gallagher, Kate McClellan, Union Jack/Joey Chapman, many others), Dai Thomas, W.H.O. (Alistaire Stuart, Alysande Stuart, others);
   formerly Francesca Lexley Grace

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Jigsaw Man

Base of Operations: Spiral Citadel, Annwn;
   formerly House of Orchids, Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong, China;
   formerly Omni Corporation Headquarter, London

First Appearance: Knights of Pendragon I#1 (July, 1990)

Powers/Abilities: Empowered by a Bane-spirit Dolph was mutated into a hideous green-skinned, fanged, humanoid monstrosity with superhuman strength (lifting 90 tons), retractable bat-like wings and a healing factor, which allowed him to survive deadly head injuries and impalement through the chest though lesser injuries healed normally. He possessed artificial, cybernetic legs with three clawed toes and a dewclaw. From his elbows down his arms were artificial as well with five clawed fingers and exchangeable wrist blades attached to each forearm. His body could apparently absorbed trash for unknown reasons (maybe it had something to do with his healing factor). His wings were strong enough to carry his own weight and at least one other person.

   During his first Bane-possession Dolph possessed superhuman strength (lifting 90 tons) while his body mutated into a canine humanoid surrounded by darkness with sharp teeth and clawed hands and feet.

   As human Dolph was a well-trained combatant with an affinity for knives, automatic weapons (mini gun, machine gun) and Asiatic weaponry including sais and nunchucks.

   Dolph is a psychopath with a deep-seated hatred for women and anyone superior to him. He takes great joy in killing humans or animals of any kind.

Height: (Human) 6'2"; (Bane; early form) 6'4"; (Bane; final form) 7'3"(by approximation)
Weight: (Human) 190 lbs.; (Bane; early form) 220 lbs.; (Bane; final form) 300 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: (Human) Blue; (Bane; early form) Purple & black; (Bane; final form) Green
Hair: (Human) Blond; (Bane; early form) Purple (no iris); (Bane; final form) Red


(Knights of Pendragon I#9 (letters page) - BTS) - Dolph got his nickname due to his uncanny resemblance to a certain actor (obviously Dolph Lundgren). Becoming Grace's personal assistant at Omni Corporation his duties included assassination, industrial espionage, fashion models and other things.

(Knights of Pendragon I#1) - Dolph and Grace broke into Sir Ian Chalmers home in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England at 1:02 AM. Sir Ian, whose ministry was governing the activities of W.H.O., was on the phone with his wife Marion at the time and Dolph took away the phone and hung up. He then took out medical utensils to show that he was willing to torture Sir Ian if he wasn't willing to cooperate and also alluded to Sir Ian's dirty businesses. Sir Ian agreed to do whatever Dolph wanted and Grace was glad that Dolph was correct that it would be quicker to blackmail Sir Ian than to write in to her member of parliament.

   Dolph observed W.H.O.'s Alysande and Alistaire Stuart and Dai Thomas leave the Tastee Burgers Bar in central London where 87 people had died of unknown reasons. Dolph called Grace, calling her "honey bunny", to ask her what to do next. Grace ordered Dolph to follow them and warned him to never call her "honey bunny" again. Dolph followed the investigators and reporter Kate McClellan and her crew on his motorbike to a barn in Sevenoaks, Kent where an Omni Corporation employee had been murdered and watched them from the woods.

(Knights of Pendragon I#2) - Dolph followed Dai Thomas to Kenya where Thomas was investigating the murder of Omni Corporation director Conrad. Dolph called Grace on his satellite phone, but she considered his call a waste of satellite time and told him to call her again if he could tell her if Thomas' investigations had shown any results or needed to be replaced or if their man in the field, the poacher Van Ocken, needed replacing.

(Knights of Pendragon I#3 (fb) - BTS) - Dolph traveled to Florida to get rid of all the evidence against Omni Corporation's Ricou Mendez at his boathouse.

(Knights of Pendragon I#3) - In his jeep Dolph passed by Kate McClellan and Dai Thomas. He later called Grace to tell her that Thomas was just a burned-out Welsh cop and that Mendez knew what he was doing. He also informed her that he didn't torch the boathouse because he didn't want to risk getting arrested for arson. He asked Grace to trust him.

   The next day Dolph shot manatees with a machine gun from a hang-glider attached to Mendez's boat the Icarus. When the Florida Coast Guard accompanied by Thomas and McClellan chased down the Icarus it turned around and opened fire on the coast guard. To gain more speed to ram the coast guard Mendez cut Dolph's hang-glider loose, leaving Dolph to crash into the ocean while he was still shooting at the coast guard. Shortly after a manifestation of the Green Knight, resembling a giant manta, sank the Icarus. When Dolph washed up on shore he laughed maniacally while thinking about telling Grace about the washed up Welsh git Dai Thomas and his seeming connection to the Green Knight.

(Knights of Pendragon I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Dolph handed in an expenses request to Omni Corporation to put together a team to assassinate Dai Thomas. He led his team to Belize where Thomas had been located.

(Knights of Pendragon I#4) - While his operatives trained on the shooting range Dolph talked with Grace on the phone about how dangerous Dai Thomas was for the Omni Corporation. Though she didn't believe Dolph's talk about magic and didn't seem to like that he had gone behind her back to put together a team he assured her that Dai Thomas had to be eliminated for the good of the Omni Corporation. He promised to call her back as soon as Dai Thomas was dead. Picking up a mini gun Dolph fired a few shots into the woods. Dolph told his men get on their motorbikes, not be sloppy until the kill was confirmed and take care of their expensive weapons.

   Dai Thomas was found with Kate McClellan at a restaurant in Belize City by Dolph's operative Shane, who called in the rest of the team. Assembled in front of the restaurant Dolph ordered his team to open fire, killing numerous innocent people at the restaurant in the process. Dolph sent in Shane and Matt to find Dai's body, but he and Kate had survived the initial attack. Dai used a pan to knock Shane's gas mask off while Matt kept firing and caused an explosion due to a blown gas pipe. Dai, Kate and Shane escaped the explosion and Dolph sent Kent to the back of the restaurant to catch Dai, who knocked Kent off his motorbike with a stick. When the local police arrived Dolph opened fire on them with his mini gun and accidentally slew his operative Shane, who had survived until now to Dolph's surprise, as well. Dolph couldn't find Babe and Kent anymore, but he did find Dai, who disarmed him with a surprise attack. Even though he had lost his mini gun Dolph was still armed with a pair of sais and took the fight to Dai, who broke his right arm with the stick, then blocked the second sai thrown at him by Dolph. Dolph pulled out nunchucks, but got knocked the wind out of him by Dai and then beaten into unconsciousness in a fistfight by Dai Thomas.

(Knights of Pendragon I#7 (fb) - BTS) - Grace fired Dolph for failing to kill Dai Thomas and called him a failed experiment. Going completely off the rails afterward Dolph went on a killing spree on career women in their mid-thirties (like Grace) and set up shop in an abandoned freighter in the Thames Estuary, where he created a shrine for the women that had hurt him (Kate McClellan and Grace included). He left behind DNA and tissue samples en masse for the police on each victim. He was dubbed the Jigsaw Man by the authorities.

(Knights of Pendragon I#7 - BTS) - Dai Thomas was called in to another murder victim of the Jigsaw Man. Union Jack watched the crime scene from a ceiling. Due to the DNA at the crime scenes Scotland Yard found out that the murderer was Colin Snewing, former hired gun Dolph of the Omni Corporation. Dai informed Kate that Dolph was on the loose murdering career women like her.

(Knights of Pendragon I#7) - Hanging out with vagrants at a fire he told them how Dai Thomas had wiped out him and his team and how he got fired for it by Grace. He showed the vagrants his Filofax and told them how he had a pager and his operator used to call him in restaurants. He was an important man once according to him, but when one of the vagrants told him the only way to survive for Dolph now was to sell his pretty face, Dolph flipped out and slashed him to pieces with a knife.

   In the evening Dolph swam through the Thames Estuary to return to his freighter base to pray to his shrine of women he hated. The room was filled with photographs of women, a shotgun and knives.

(Knights of Pendragon I#8) - Dolph was waiting in the shadows for Kate McClellan to show up in Astra TV's parkhouse, but didn't attack her when Randy Frewin, a reporter at Astra TV, snuck up on her for a talk.

   When she learned her son Cam was in trouble Captain Britain and Union Jack rushed to Cam's school while Kate went to take her car. When she dropped her keys she was assaulted by Dolph, but even though he was armed with two knives and had the surprise on his side, Kate was able to overpower him with pure strength. She easily disarmed him and knocked him out by tossing him through her windshield.

(Knights of Pendragon I#9 (fb) - BTS) - Dolph was arrested after his failed assault on Kate.

(Knights of Pendragon I#9) - Dai Thomas interrogated Dolph at New Scotland Yard. Dolph explained to Dai that he showed those career women who was boss by killing them. Dolph wasn't pleased when Dai reminded him that he was fired by a woman from Omni Corporation. Dai asked Dolph to work with Scotland Yard to put Grace in prison for her crimes because he obviously hated Grace. Dolph instead threatened to go after Kate McClellan if he ever got out. Shortly after that Grace's Bane-empowered operatives including her lover Rowan and Kate's son Cam attacked New Scotland Yard and sprung Dolph, who they delivered to Grace. Dolph was surprised, but Grace told him that she considered his current murderous actions almost attractive.

(Knights of Pendragon I#12 (fb) - BTS) - Grace empowered Dolph with the powers of a Bane.

(Knights of Pendragon I#10 - BTS) - Captain Britain and Kate McClellan confronted Rowan Gowell at Omni Corporation about the massacre at New Scotland Yard where her son Cam was seen among the attackers. She wanted to know where her son was because Grace was according to her the only person that could have had any interest to free Dolph. Rowan replied by attacking Captain Britain with his Bane-powers and was joined by other Bane-empowered Omni employees. Union Jack and Kate aided Captain Britain in the battle. They escaped after a massive energy burst caused by Kate.

(Knights of Pendragon I#10) - Dolph hung out with Cam and Grace at a fancy hotel in Joselito, Spain where Grace met with Tony Stark.

(Knights of Pendragon I#11) - Dolph and Rowan attacked Kate McClellan and Ben Gallagher at the Dark Fiesta in Joselito, Spain. Dolph put a knife to Kate's neck and planned to kill her slowly.

(Knights of Pendragon I#12) - Kate got out of Dolph's hold with an energy blast, but he had received an upgrade since she last beat him up. With his new Bane-powers he cornered Kate and stabbed Ben in the gut. When Captain Britain arrived to aid them Dolph slashed his upper arm, but Captain Britain was still more powerful than Dolph and smashed him through a wall. Dolph wasn't finished yet and kept beating on Captain Britain and even transformed into his true Bane form. He overpowered Captain Britain and was going to stab him when he lost his Bane-powers after Grace was knocked out by Iron Man and the other Bane were defeated by the Green Knight. Captain Britain hurled Dolph far into the sky (obviously not caring if he survived in the fall in the process).

(Knights of Pendragon I#16 (fb) - BTS) - The Bane powers returned to Dolph and mutated him further into a monstrous being with retractable wings.

(Knights of Pendragon I#15) - After Union Jack and Black Panther took down several Bane-empowered members of the Tongs at the House of Orchids in Kowloon the lights went on and they were confronted by Dolph, who told them that the easy part for them was over.

(Knights of Pendragon I#16) - After mocking Union Jack and Black Panther Dolph spread his wings and flew into the darker parts of the House of Orchids. Followed by the heroes Dolph picked up Black Panther and tried to choke him to death with chains hanging from the ceiling. Black Panther punched him and fell several feet to the floor, injuring himself. Dolph descended to the floor and was hit hard in the head with Union Jack's staff, fracturing his skull. Dolph was merely angered by this and cut open Union Jack's chest with his wrist-blades. Dolph kept beating on Union Jack and prepared for another attack from the air after slamming Jack to the ground, but Black Panther pulled him back to the ground by his feet and smashed him into the floor. Black Panther got in a few good hits, but eventually went to his knees because he was too injured already. Union Jack impaled Dolph with staff and while Dolph writhed in pain Jack took Black Panther to his vehicle Beryl and sent it on automatic pilot to the nearest medical emergency center to get help for Black Panther. Union Jack then returned to his fight with Dolph, who had removed the staff from his chest and beat Union Jack to a bloody pulp before tossing him from the top of Kowloon Walled City to his death.

(Knights of Pendragon I#17 (fb) - BTS) - After Union Jack's death Dolph traveled to Cootamundra, Australia to find Kate McClellan.

(Knights of Pendragon I#17) - After Kate learned of Union Jack's death from Black Panther Dolph entered her room and told her how difficult she was to find. He told her not to get out of bed and put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the doorknob.

(Knights of Pendragon I#18) - Dolph attacked Kate, who reminded her of all the times she had escaped him before. He wouldn't allow her to get away again, but after beating Dolph to the ground with her Pendragon power, she did disappear again when an owl appeared out of nowhere and teleported her to Avalon.

(Knights of Pendragon I#18 - BTS) - Dolph was teleported to Annwn to invade Avalon with the Bane and the Red Lord.

(Knights of Pendragon I#18) - During the battle between the Red Lord's Bane army and the Green Knight's Pendragon army Dolph impaled Ben Gallagher and Union Jack with his wrist-blades through the chest. Union Jack decapitated Dolph with a sword while the Bane-empowered Dolph's wrist-blades were still embedded in Jack's chest.

(X-Men Legacy II#13 (fb) - BTS) - Pete Wisdom knew about Dolph from a file (Case Ident 8752C/S).

(X-Men Legacy II#13 - BTS) - Pete Wisdom got trapped in his own mind by Legion (David Haller), who used a manifestation of Dolph, among others to keep Wisdom busy while he used him as an agent in the real world, but Wisdom defeated Dolph and eventually broke Legion's control over him.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett & John Tomlinson (writers), Gary Erskine (pencils) & Andy Lanning (inks).

In X-Men Legacy II#13 (September, 2013) Dolph was one of the villains pulled from Pete Wisdom's memories by Legion (David Haller) to keep Wisdom under control. It wasn't the real deal, but still fun to see Dolph again in his final Bane form.

Thanks to Changeling for pointing out the extra info provided in the letters page of Knights of Pendragon I#9 and that Babe and Kent appeared again in Knights of Pendragon I#14.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Dolph (Colin Snewing) has no known connection to:


left to right: Babe, Matt, Kent, Shane

(Knights of Pendragon I#4) - They were a team of handpicked operatives put together by Dolph to assassinate Dai Thomas. Armed with expensive Omni Corporation weaponry they traveled to Belize City on their motorbikes to find Dai. Shane found him at a restaurant and called in the rest of the team. After senselessly killing innocent people at the restaurant Dolph sent in Shane and Matt to find Dai's corpse. They failed to do so because Dai had survived and knocked out Shane with a pan. Matt died in a gas explosion he caused himself by firing into the kitchen, unaware the gas pipe had been damaged. Shane escaped the restaurant, but couldn't go after Dai because he had been blinded in the explosion. Kent was sent to the back of the restaurant by Dolph and got knocked of his motorbike by Dai with a stick. When the police arrived Babe went ahead to go after Dai as well while Dolph took care of the authorities and accidentally killed Shane, who stumbled in front of his mini gun. Babe was apparently defeated by Dai as well, who then took the fight to Dolph.

(Knights of Pendragon I#14) - Babe and Kent (the latter mistakenly called Matt by Babe) remembered the action in Belize while killing hippos in at Zaire River under the leadership of Mr. Robart. They were knocked out by the Knights of Pendragon (Kate, Ben & Union Jack) while Robart escaped.

--Knight of Pendragon I#4 (14

images (without ads)
Knights of Pendragon I#15, p18, pan1 (main image, final form)
Knights of Pendragon I#3, p6, pan6 (head shot)
Knights of Pendragon I#4, p3, pan1 (heavily armed with mercenaries)
Knights of Pendragon I#8, p15, pan5 (as Jigsaw Man, vs Kate McClellan)
Knights of Pendragon I#12, p18, pan1 (early Bane-empowered mutation, vs Captain Britain)
Knights of Pendragon I#16, p2, pan2 (wings)
Knights of Pendragon I#18, p2, pan3 (blades & claws)
Knights of Pendragon I#4, p1, pan2 (Dolph's "Pilgrims")

Knights of Pendragon I#1-4 (July-October, 1990) - Dan Abnett & John Tomlinson (writers), Gary Erskine (pencils), Andy Lanning (inks), Steve White (editor)
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