Mendes - fullMENDES

Real Name: Mendes

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Guildern)

Occupation: Conspirator;
    former counselor to the king

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsImacolata, royal guards;
    formerly Isis and the previous king of Guildern;

EnemiesDonal Ban, Feren and her brothers, Isis, Tristum, previous king of Guildern;
Dark Angel; (Shevaun Haldane) of Earth-616, Nikki Doyle (aka Wild Thing) of  Earth-8410's 2020 AD; a group of gamers (Charles, Maklin, Stella, Yolanda, and an unidentified barbarian) from Earth-8410's 2020 AD;
    unidentified creature from an unidentified time/location/dimension

Known Relatives: None known;
    Isis may have been his queen

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly the royal castle of Guildern

First AppearanceWild Angels#2 (April, 1994)

Powers/AbilitiesSkilled with a sword and other bladed weapons, Mendes also used an energy blaster and a scrying crystal (the latter presumably of mystic origin). 

Mendes-face    He also had the mystic skill to access the occult power of screams caused by torture, but lacked the ability to control the effects sufficiently.

    He was sufficiently intelligent to engineer the death of the king, frame others, and place himself as the new king. 

    Like others of his race, he was some sort of beast-man with avian-like wings enabling flight (while carrying at least the weight of an adult human woman), curled horns like a ram, clawed digits, and a beastial (somewhat simian) face.

    While acting as king, he had access to the forbidden bee torture technique.

Height: Unrevealed (he's never shown in clear relation to anyone of known height, but he appeared to be comparable in height to the 5'9" Nikki Doyle; perhaps a few inches taller, so many 6' to 6'2")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 250 lbs. at human density including his wings and horns, although if he has porous bones like a bird, he may be significantly lighter)
Eyes: Unrevealed (black and white story; dark)
Hair: Unrevealed (
black and white story; covered in thick fur)

(Wild Angels part 3:  In Other Worlds (fb) - BTS) - Apparently the king's trusted counseler, Mendes worked with Isis, apparently engineering the murder of the king to conquer the throne and to satisfy Isis' ambition.

(Wild Angels part 2:  A Lost Kingdom (fb) - BTS) - Guildern's king was murdered by Mendes or his agents.

(Wild Angels part 2:  A Lost Kingdom (fb)) - Having allegedly found the king's body, Mendes swore vengeance; discovering a drunken pair (brothers of Feren, the nanny to the king's now adults sons, Donal Ban and Tristum) behind the nearby tapestry, passed out at a table with bloody daggers by their sides, Mendes slew them both.

(Wild Angels part 2:  A Lost Kingdom (fb) - BTS) - Mendes accused the former king's sons, Donal Ban and Tristum, of having plotted with Feren's brothers to kill the king, and he demanded their deaths.

(Wild Angels part 2:  A Lost Kingdom (fb) - BTS) - Feren convinced Donal Ban & Tristum to flee rather than be murdered.

(Wild Angels part 2:  A Lost Kingdom) - Via space-time portals created by an unidentified Earth-616 research firm, Nikki Doyle and a group of gamers (Charles, Maklin, Stella, Yolanda, and an unidentified barbarian) from Earth-8410's 2020 AD were pulled from a virtual reality to Guildern; almost instantly thereafter, they were attacked by Mendes' guards and captured, except the gamer sorcerer Charles, who was apparently killed by a sword to the head. Mendes announced his plans to interrogate them all, and Stella noted that this usually meant that they would be tortured before being killed.

(Wild Angels part 3:  In Other Worlds) - In the Hall of Guildern's throne, Mendes noted he had not killed the alien prisoners because they could know where Donal Ban was hiding hid. Isis encouraged Mendes to kill Tristum to end his threat; Mendes threatened Isis when she challenged him, but she told him without her he was nothing. Mendes cast Isis to the ground and summoned Lady Imacolata (apparently the true source of Mendes' affection; I don't think she is clearly defined) to accompany him as he met with the prisoners.

    Mendes subdued Nikki, Tristum & the others with an unidentified device, then questioned the shackled group; Tristum asserted his innocence despite threats from Mendes, who then decapitated the unidentified barbarian gamer. When Yolanda mysteriously vanished as her body perished during a failed rescue attempt back on Earth, Nikki refused to speak, and Mendes prepared the bee torture.

    Donal Ban and Dark Angel, having arrived through a portal from modern day Earth-616, located Tristum. Dark Angel telepathically convinced the bees to depart. Via his scrying crystal, Mendes heard Dark Angel reveal the space-time portals' existence, and he considered using them to conquer multiple worlds.

(Wild Angels part 4:  Into the Jaws of the Enemy) - Within the castle, Dark Angel non-lethally subdued the guard, then noted that the space-time portals were closing and that they had to return home or be trapped forever; having distantly observed this via scrying crystal, Mendes plotted to re-open the portals. When Isis warned Mendes he could unleash forces he was not prepared for, Mendes skewered her through the chest and had Lady Imacolata brought to his side. 

    Soon after, in Mendes' torture chamber, his experiments with prisoners' screams had immediate results, and Imacolata was consumed by  a many-headed(?) lizard creature inadvertently summoned by his efforts.

    Telepathically investigating the creature's mind, Dark Angel learned it an innocent victim summoned by Mendes. With Nikki's wrist-blasters not functioning, Maklin fought Mendes, disarming him in a swordfight, but Mendes treacherously blasted Maklin in the chest, apparently killing him.

    Tristum revealed the truth to the people, who accepted him as their king. As Mendes took Stella hostage with a knife to her throat hoping to make an escape, Nikki stabbed Mendes in the back, apparently killing him.

Comments: Created by Nick Vince and Pino Rinaldi.

    A great big, huge thanks to Angelo Mammone, who was kind enough to translate this book for me, which was produced by Marvel Italia and thus written in Italian. Otherwise, I'd just be looking at pictures and Italian words and thinking...WTF?

    Nonetheless, some parts are a little bit unclear...Guildern was the name of the kingdom...was it the name of the realm? How much more to the realm was there? Is it one of those pocket realms where a relatively small landmass is surrounded by limited space, or is it much, much more...and how many licks to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop? The world may never know.
Here's the translation:

    I'm not sure what Mendes' status was before the king's death, but it was apparently considered appropriate for him to be in the king's chambers without others present. Further, his status was such that with the king dead and him having seemingly discovered and killed the assassins that he would be in line to be the new king. Presumably he has some noble background, though the details are not speficied. In a heated argument, Mendes said he slew the king to satisfy Isis' ambitions, and she told Mendes that without her he was nothing.
    Loki's review identified Mendes as the king's trusted counselor.

    Mendes originally received a sub-profile in the Guildern profile, published 09/29/2012.

    This profile was completed 9/20/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Snood.

Mendes has no known connection to:

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Wild Angels, pg. 30, panel 3 (Mendes face);
    pg. 51 (Mendes seated; Isis);
    pg. 80, panel 4 (Mendes, full)

Wild Angels#1-4 (April, 1994) - Nick Vince (writer), Pino Rinaldi (artist), Paul Neary & Bambos Georgiou (editors)

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