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Classification: Extraterrestrial inscribed stones (Distant Past to modern day)

Creator: Unrevealed (possibly an alien named Halkor?)

User/Possessors: Nebula

Aliases: None

First Appearance: Avengers West Coast I#48 (September, 1989)
   (identified) Avengers I#316 (April, 1990)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Stones of Halkor are six flat stones upon which was inscribed secret knowledge of a formula that could be used to generate unlimited power.

   The stones were later cut into tablet form by Nebula's minion the Rigellian named Gunthar.

(Avengers West Coast I#48 (fb) - BTS / Avengers I#311 (fb) - BTS) - A long time ago, a "race that was old when this galaxy was aborning" carved a certain formula onto certain stone slabs on the planet now known as Omicron Seti. This formula contained a secret that could be used to gain mastery over all that lived.

(Avengers West Coast I#48 (fb) - BTS / Avengers I#316 (fb) - BTS) - These inscribed stones came to be known as the Stones of Halkor, and they were widely believed to be nothing more than a myth.

(Avengers West Coast I#48 (fb) - BTS / Avengers I#311 (fb) - BTS) - Knowledge of the formula that was inscribed on the stones and the secret that they held became the basis of ancient legends.

(Avengers West Coast I#48 (fb) - BTS) - In recent years, a Rigellian named Gunthar who served the space pirate Nebula somehow learned something that caused him to believe that the Stones of Halkor could be found on the planet Omicron Seti.

(Avengers West Coast I#48 (fb) - BTS) - A certain mercenary spotted Nebula's pirate ship in the vicinity of Omicron Seti and later, while on planet Sirius IV, he told Eros of Titan what he had seen.

(Avengers West Coast I#48) - Eros decided to check out the sighting for himself and flew through space to Omicron Seti. After descending to the planet's surface, Eros began flying through a deserted ancient city but didn't notice a certain statue as he flew past it. Once he heard voices, Eros began to approach them more cautiously. As he hovered nearby, Eros heard Nebula say, "Yes, Gunthar, you have served your mistress well!"

   Now close enough to observe what was going on, Eros watched as Nebula proclaimed, "The formula is here! The ancient legends were true! Cut the stones into tablets and transport them to the ship." Once Gunthar had acknowledged her order, Nebula continued her monologue, saying, "We will need now only a source of sufficient energy and I shall be more powerful than my grandfather EVER was!!!" Eros was puzzled by this dark pronouncement.

(Avengers I#311 (fb) - BTS) - Once the tablets were aboard Nebula's mother-ship, Gunthar examined them to confirm that they were what they appeared to be.

(Avengers I#311 - BTS) - Nebula, Gunthar and the rest of the crew were unaware that Eros had tracked down her mother-ship, secretly sneaked aboard, rendered one of the crewmen unconscious and used his environment suit to disguise himself.

(Avengers I#311) - Unaware that the disguised Eros was lurking just outside the bridge, Nebula demanded Gunthar's report. Gunthar replied, "All goes well, Mistress Nebula. These tablets we discovered on Omicron Seti do, indeed, hold the secret to what you seek."

   Pleased by Gunthar's report, Nebula said, "Amazing, is it not, Rigellian? Those stones were carved by a race that was old when this galaxy was aborning. Yet they hold in their time-worn faces the future of the universe." From where he was spying on them, Eros thought to himself that her words made no more sense now than they did when he spied on her on Omicron, and wondered where in all of space did she expect to find power greater than that of Thanos.

   No sooner had Eros thought this than Nebula conveniently began to speak again. While gazing at the image of an elderly male human from Earth on a video screen, Nebula said, "My heart pounds. My very blood sings, Gunthar! And is it not an exquisite irony that the mastery over all that lives will be delivered to me by a shriveled old Earthling who does not even begin to guess his place in the scheme of things!"

(Avengers I#312) - Later, on Earth, Nebula had a discrete meeting with that aged Earthling, Doctor Harker, in his apartment in New York City, and expressed her interest in his "compressor unit."

(Avengers I#315 (fb) - BTS) - Nebula subsequently provided Harker with certain alien knowledge (presumably from the tablets) that enabled him to make his Atomic Compressor fully functional.

(Avengers I#314) - Soon after the first test of the compressor caused the entire universe to briefly flash out of existence, Eros overheard Gunthar report this to Nebula on Earth. Eros later subdued Gunthar and tried to contact Avengers Mansion but was himself subdued by one of Nebula's crew.

(Avengers I#316) - While trying to interrogate the bound Eros about how much the Avengers knew about Nebula's plans, Gunthar bragged about how he and Nebula had spent months tracking across the vast expanses of the universe gathering together scraps of knowledge, which, brought together, formed the key to unlock all the secrets of the cosmos! Eros was not impressed.

   Later, after Nebula had returned from Earth, Eros mocked her for having his brother's gift for speaking in riddles. His words prompted Nebula to announce, "Before I am done here, I will make all my great grandfather's dreams seem like paltry things indeed. For I have found the Stones of Halkor!" Eros was also unimpressed by this claim, stating that she had found some stones and revealing that he had been there when she did. Then, in order to deliberately provoke her into attacking him, Eros declared, "But the Stones of Halkor are nothing but myth -- and I would have thought you'd know that. Or did your nanny so fill your brain with fairy tales there is no room for common sense and reason?" After that, Eros only had to mock her a bit more before she struck him across the face. In her enraged state, Nebula didn't notice that she had inadvertently dislodged some of the electrodes on the neural-neutralizer helmet that had been preventing Eros from using his psionic ability to stimulate the pleasure centers of the brains of others. Fortunately for Eros, he was then able to use enough of his power to make her be "reasonable" and not kill him immediately.

The Stones of Halkor have never been seen or even mentioned since.

Comments: Created by John Byrne & Mike Machlan.

   Although the Stones of Halkor were first seen on the planet where Nebula had found them in Avengers West Coast I#48, that planet's name was not revealed until Avengers I#311 and the name of the stones was not revealed until Avengers I#316.

   Although I have presumed that the Stones of Halkor were the source of the "certain alien knowledge" that Nebula provided to Dr. Harker that enabled him to make his compressor fully functional, this was never explicitly stated to be so.

   The name "Omicron Seti" sounds similar to Omicron Ceti, the designation for a binary star system, also known as Mira, that consists of a pulsating variable red giant star and its white dwarf companion that are located between 200 and 400 light-years away from Earth in the constellation Cetus. I had thought that Omicron Seti might have been a reference to a planet in another fictional continuity (like Star Trek) but that seems to not be the case. Although "omicron" is the name of the 15th letter in the Greek alphabet and is thus used by human astronomers from Earth to designate the fifteenth star in a constellation group, "Seti" is not the current or past name of any constellation known to human astronomers. Therefore, Omicron Seti must be an alien name for that particular extrasolar planet and, since it has no connection to the real world, there's no way to tell where it was located within the Marvel Universe.
   By the way, the Star Trek episode "This Side of Paradise" featured the planet Omicron Ceti III that was apparently not orbiting a red giant star. Additionally, in the Star Trek Universe, the name "Mira" is instead used as an alternative shorter name for the red giant star Mira Antlia whose system was visited by the Enterprise-D in the STNG episode "Conspiracy."

   Overall, I didn't find this whole "Nebula and the Infinity Union"storyline to be that good because two story elements severely strained my suspension of disbelief. The idea that a human scientist could create a device capable of destroying the entire universe seemed very silly and the idea that transmitting vast amounts of energy to a bio-receiver implanted in a person's brain would somehow make it possible for them warp reality at will was even sillier. However, there were also some lesser concepts that weren't handled well and a number of questions were left unanswered.

   Three things that bothered me involved minor plot points that could have easily been explained but weren't. Specifically, how was Eros able to fly through space without a starship? How was Eros able to find Nebula on the surface of Omicron Ceti within minutes? How was Eros able to board Nebula's mother-ship and sneak around it for so long without be caught?

   As stated, there could be explanations for these issues. Although I don't think that Eternals are supposed to be able to travel interstellar distances (unless they're in the form of a Uni-Mind), apparently there are stories that show Starfox doing just that. So, maybe Eros possessed some small and concealable mechanism that enabled him to travel through space like the pre-Crisis Superman? Or maybe he has always had to use starships and they just weren't shown in this story or the others?

   As for the other two plot points, the obvious answer to them is technology. If Eros was carrying some sort of sensor or tracking device on his person, perhaps in his wristbands, then that could account for how he was able to find Nebula so quickly even though she could have been anywhere on the planet. And although Nebula undoubtedly would have had great security systems on her starship, Eros could have had access to some TERRIFIC Titanian cloaking technology that kept him from being detected.

   Another thing that irritated me about the storyline was that the information that was provided was so vague and limited. Here's a list of questions that I would have liked to have seen answered:

1. What was the connection between the Stones of Halkor and the planet Omicron Ceti? Were they carved there or were they carved elsewhere and later transported to the planet?
2. Did the beings who carved the stones have any connection to whatever race once lived on Omicron Ceti?
3. Were the beings who once lived on Omicron Ceti native to that planet or were they colonists from another planet? What happened to them?
4. How old was the city? How long had it been abandoned and why had it been abandoned?
5. Relative to the existence of the city, when were the Stones carved or brought there? Was it before the city was ever built, while the city was inhabited or after the city had been deserted?
6. Given that the Stones of Halkor were the subject of ancient legends, how is it that they remained undiscovered for so long? Were they deliberately hidden because it was known that the secret formula they held could be used to cause catastrophic damage to the universe? If that was the case, then WHY take the risk of carving them in the first place?
7. Who exactly was Halkor? Was he or she the person whose knowledge was recorded in the Stones or the person who carved them? Or was Halkor not a person but a place, perhaps the local name for the location where they were found?

   Finally, one last thing that really bothered me about the Stones of Halkor is that Nebula described them as having been carved by "a race that was old when this galaxy was aborning." What information about the stones does this actually provide? In a word, NOTHING. Sure, being told that the carvers were members of a race that was so old would mean that the carvers existed even before the Elders, but it doesn't tell us anything about when they actually CARVED the stones. For all we know, they could have carved the stones 10 billion years ago or 1 million years ago or 10 years ago. It sounds impressive but tells us nothing.

   Also, describing the carvers as being that old seemingly contradicts the idea that the Elders of the Universe, most of whom are about 5.5 billion years old, are the oldest (non-conceptual) beings currently alive in the universe. After all, when the Elders learned about Galactus and that he was actually older than them, they reacted by forming a conspiracy to kill him. So, if the carvers were so much older than them, why didn't the Elders target them as well?
   As I see it, there are two possible easy answers. The first is that maybe the Elders did target the carvers and managed to wipe them all out so long ago that nobody else remembers them. The second is that just because the carvers were alive long before the Elders doesn't mean that they continued to live, either as a species or as individuals, for that long a time. Maybe their species was born 13 billion years ago but died out over 6 billion years ago, meaning that they were extinct by the time the oldest of the Elders (except for Gaara of the Viscardi) was even born.

    This profile was completed 8/27/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was used for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.   

Profile by Donald Campbell.

The Stones of Halkor have no known connections to

The Stones of Halkor also have no known connections to

Omicron Seti

   The planet where the Stones of Halkor were eventually found by Gunther and Nebula. Aside from that fact and its name, no detailed information about the planet, its history or its former inhabitants has ever been revealed. Its overall appearance is similar to that of the Saturnian moon Mimas.

   From space, the planet appeared to be entirely brown, without any blue or green to indicate water or plant life, suggesting that it was an almost-dead world. The presence of what looked like an enormous impact crater that was about one-fifth as wide as the planet itself suggests that it was either a massive impact or the planet was relatively small. Whatever the case, such a relatively-large impact could have devastated the environment and caused a planet-wide mass extinction. However, the fact that Gunthar, Nebula and Eros were apparently able to breathe in its atmosphere suggested that some sort of ecosystem was still active on the planet and producing oxygen. Or maybe the three alien visitors were just equipped with invisible spacesuits.

   There was (at least) one city on the planet, but it was long-abandoned and showed some signs of decay. The fact that the ruins hadn't been completely eroded away by the forces of nature or overgrown by plant life suggests that they were either constructed of very durable materials or had not been empty and abandoned for as long as Eros thought they had or both. Or maybe all the plant life and all the moisture in the atmosphere had been destroyed by the impact, resulting in a greatly reduced rate of erosion.

   As Eros flew through the city, he thought that the place was as old as anything in Eternal memory, suggesting that it was at least one million Earth-years old. Eros then speculated that it could, perhaps, be as old as the universe itself, which would have made it over thirteen billion years old. However, absolutely no proof of it being so old was presented, so Eros may have just been letting his imagination run a bit wild as he flew through this alien ghost town.

   During their time on the planet, none of the three alien visitors encountered any forms of life. No plants were visible, and no animals were seen scurrying through the ruins. Although the city itself was proof that intelligent life had once lived on the planet, the only clue as to what that lifeform might have looked like was a statue that Eros flew past without even noticing. These city-builders could have been native to the planet or they could have been aliens who had come to colonize it, but there's no evidence to support either of these possible origins.

   The most valuable items that could be found on "this rock" were the Stones of Halkor, six stone slabs that were about 1 foot wide and arranged in two rows of three columns on an inclined stone platform in a chamber that may have been slightly below ground. Although the faces of these stones were time-worn, the formula that had been carved into them was still fully legible. There didn't seem to be anything visible that would serve to direct anyone to look for the Stones in that location.

   Nothing about the rest of the planetary system of which Omicron Seti was a part was depicted, including the star that it orbited. If the planet was anywhere near as old as Eros suspected it was, then it could have been a rogue that had been ejected from the planetary system in which it had formed and was either wandering through space or had been captured into orbit around a different star. Alternately, the planet could have been orbiting a red dwarf, a small main sequence star with a lifespan of trillions of years.

--Avengers West Coast I#48


   As Eros flew through the ruins of the abandoned city on Omicron Seti, he failed to notice a tall statue that was behind him on his left. Considering that it was in the background, this statue must have been quite tall. It may (or may not) have been life-sized.



Notes: I have included this image in its own subprofile because it is the only possible clue to what the inhabitants of this world may have looked like. My first impression of the face was that it looked somewhat like that of a chimpanzee, one that was either wearing a hood or had long hair falling down both sides of its head. Or the statue may have been of a creature from the mythology of the sculptor. Who knows?


   Also, I've had this comic since it was published over 30 years ago and it was only when I enlarged the image of that panel while doing this profile that I first noticed that statue.



--Avengers West Coast I#48

images: (without ads)
Avengers West Coast I#48, page 7, panel 4 (main image - Stones of Halkor)
Avengers I#311, page 12, panel 1 (tablet form)
Avengers West Coast I#48, page 7, panel 1 (planet Omicron Seti)
      page 7, panel 2 (dead city)
      page 7, panel 2 (close-up of statue)

Avengers West Coast I#48 (September, 1989) - John Byrne & Mike Machlan (writer - artists - inker), Howard Mackie (editor)
Avengers I#311 (December, 1989) - Paul Ryan & Tom Palmer (artists), John Byrne (writer), Howard Mackie (editor)
Avengers I#316 (April, 1990) - Paul Ryan & Tom Palmer (Artists Extraordinaire), John Byrne (Dramatist of Talent Rare), Howard Mackie (Editor Both True and Fair)

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