Membership: Base, Ridge, Shift, Stinger, Vesper

Purpose: To learn their pasts; to oppose the evil of Mys-Tech and Gena-Sys; to protect children and others from genetic manipulation

Affiliations: Dark Angel (Shevaun Haldane, former trainer), Gene Dogs, Ka-Zar, Killpower, Krista Marwan, Time Guardian, Wolverine, Zabu;
formerly Oonagh Mullarkey (creator, former commander), Mys-Tech (Ormond Wychwood)

Enemies: Death Metal, Gena-Sys, Mainstream, Dr. Oonagh Mullarkey, Mys-Tech, Pride, Prime Evil, Psight Corporation, Psycho-Warriors, Rama-Tut, Samira, Sporr, Tektos, Ormond Wychwood

Base of Operations: A subterranean base, deep beneath the old, disused Altwych Tube Station, London, England (includes their own version of the X-Men's Danger Room); formerly Gena-Sys HQ, off the Thames River, London, England

Aliases: Genetics Manipulation Experiment#893

First Appearance: Codename: Genetix#1 (January, 1993)

History: Dr. Oonagh Mullarkey refers to this group as "the latest batch of Genetix," indicating that their were other prior to them.
The pasts of the members of Genetix, with the exception of Base, are unknown. Some or all of them may have had active or latent mutant abilities initially. They were forcibly recruited into the genetic experiments of Dr. Oonagh Mullarkey for Gena-Sys, the genetic research division of Mys-Tech. Dr. Mullarkey. During the mutation process, their original brain patterns and memories were buried under false memory implants of artificial backgrounds. In addition, their powers have been augmented by their own bio-armor, created from proto-silicon implants (derived from the Digitek project) which have also bonded to their DNA strands. Each of the members was fitted with restrainer monitoring harnesses to give them greater control of their developing powers. The group members also developed a symbiotic link amongst each other that allowed them to operate at enhanced efficiency when they remain within close proximity of each other. Throughout their training, control of the members was maintained via a combination of drugs and selective mind-wipes.
These processes took approximately five years to complete, including training and indoctrination.

(Killpower: the Early Years#1-4)-When Killpower was sent through time by the Time Guardian to locate the Chronifact, Mullarkey sent the newly created Genetix to follow and hopefully retrieve him. They followed him to ancient egypt (and a conflict with Rama-Tut), then another time period nearly 1 million years BC, then a few years before their original point of departure to the past, and finally to the end of time, before returning to the modern era.

(Codename: Genetix#1-4)-Five years later (Marvel time), the Genetix, were still working as agents of Gena-Sys under Dr. Mullarkey. They battled the organism Sporr, and then were involved with the struggle against Prime Evil. During the struggle with Prime Evil, they encountered Wolverine, Ka-Zar, and Zabu, and they learned of Mullarkey's true nature and goals (as well as the fact that all of their memories were false implants). Wishing nothing to do with the evil of Mys-Tech, the Genetix broke free from their control and struck out on their own.

(Gene Dogs#2)-Panther, a Mys-Tech spy within the Gene Dogs, planted false evidence that sent the Gene Dogs after Genetix. After a brief battle, they teamed up to battle a monstrous mutate of Mys-Tech.

(Genetix#1-6)-Genetix received some training under Dark Angel. They then invaded Gena-Sys in an effort to learn their true origins. This brought them into conflict with the Psycho-Warriors and Tektos. In the course of their struggles, they learned of Gena-Sys plans to create/harvest more genetically mutated agents in the Psight Corporation. Despite the efforts of Tektos, they managed to destroy the Swiss base of the Psight Corporation. Vesper apparently uncovered the past history files of the Genetix, although only Base's past was actually divulged.

(Death Metal vs Genetix#1, 2)-Genetix learned of the existence of Death Metal, and attempted to stop him from impregnating Krista Marwan. They failed in this, but they did succeed in preventing him from abducating her. (Further info will be explained under Krista's profile in a few weeks).

COMMENTS: Created by Graham Marks, Andy Lanning, and Phil Gascoine.

The date of the starting point of the story of Killpower: the Early Years is 1988, which is topical. Its significance is that it is meant to occur five years prior to the modern stories in Codename: Genetix and the others. These stories were written in 1993.

The characters of Genetix were very two-dimensional, and were never fleshed out further than their obvious personality traits.

Much of the individual information below is taken from either the Gene Cards, which were promotional deals that came with the comics, or from Dr. Mullarkey's reports to Wychwood, in Codenmae: Genetix#1 and 2.

No, there is no significance to the genetic coding list below. I thought I'd include it, since it's in the cards and files.

Ridge's real name was revealed in Marvel Atlas#1.

Genetix has no known connections to:

Base has no known connections to:

Ridge has no known connections to:

Shift has no known connections to:

Stinger has no known connections to:

Vesper has no known connections to:

Base, Hiro Sokuto ; Genetic Coding: GP80110G

He is the brother of Tattoo of Tektos. He was born in Hiroshima, Japan, and was 17 years old in the first two Genetix series. He is a mutant, whose powers surfaced at an early age. Their father sold them to the Yakuza to act as drug runners, but they were eventually captured by Dr. Mullarkey's Mutagenic Search Squad. He is the most mature of the bunch. He is almost always in control of his emotions, making him the physical bedrock of the team.


His memories were rewritten to make himself believe he had been an orphan brought up by a secretive group of warrior priests known as the Hikari-No-Michi, which means the Path of Light. He believed he had been advancing under their training, but had to flee when his powers erupted and he accidentally destroyed the temple. He believed that Mullarkey found him, befriended him, and helped him control his powers.

He can control the four ancient elements: earth, air, fire, and water. He often claims he can only combine and control two at a time, such as a wave of rock--but this is obviously just manipulating one at a time--more of a metaphorical combination.
He also possesses exceptional strength (possibly even enhanced human level), and a high level of mastery of the martial arts.

(Civil War: Battle Damage Report) - On Tony Stark's list for the Initiative Base was listed as a foreign national, who had made his presence known in the United States.

--Codename: Genetix#1 (Genetix#5(fb), Codename:Genetix#1-4, GeneDogs#2, Genetox#1-6, Death Metal vs Genetix#1, 2





Ridge, Tim Holloway; Genetic Coding: GP7.50213G

Nothing is known of his past, other than that he got the shaft of the group, ending up with a dramatically non-human appearance. He maintains a close friendship with Shift.



He's sort of a combination a combination of the X-Men Nightcrawler and Wolverine. He is superhumanly agile and able to leap great distances, and he has very dense skin. He possesses razor sharp claws (hands and feet), along with steel barbs on his forearms, that can be used as weapons, or to enable him to scale sheer surfaces. He has two very large insectoid eyes on either side of his head, which grant him 360 degree vision, as well as enabling him to see in spectrums outside of the normal visible range. He can be very easily pushed into a "berserker rage."






Shift, Clifton Joseph; Genetic Coding: GP8.50112G




Little to nothing is known of his past. He was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and was about 16 years old during the first two Genetix series. He is quick-witted, as well as quick-tempered. His firm friendship with Ridge is an important factor in the stability of the Genetix team.

He can open portals to other dimensions, enabling him to transport himself and others across space or between realms. He also keeps a large store of weapons within an unnamed pocket dimension. He can reach into that realm and pull out whichever weapon he needs, whenever he needs it.





Stinger, Blodwen Reese; Genetic Coding: GP80114G




She was born in Wales Portmeirion, and was about 18 years old during the first two Genetix series. She's a volatile firebrand with an incendiary temper--quick to anger with a low boredom threshold. Although she's totally committed to the team, she does find Shift's cavalier attitude hard to take sometimes.

She can project bursts of energy and form force fields or energy cages. She can also use the energy to neutralize the effects of gravity and generate propulsion, enabling her to fly. After using up all of her energy, it may take her a few hours to fully recharge. She wears storage pods on her belt that contain a small amount of additional energy should she require it.
I'm not sure if her costume is painted on, or if she just uses the same glue/tape as Jennifer Lopez does.





Vesper, Raani Jatwinder; Genetic Coding: GP80111G




She is an Asian woman, approximately 20 years old (at the time of the two Genetix series). She is cool, calm, and reflective--little seems to trouble her. She serves as the mediator and usually the leader of the team.
A cell sample taken from Vesper by Death Metal was combined with the genetic material of Madison Jeffries, aka Box (of Alpha Flight), and artificially implanted into Krista Marwan, in the hopes that she would father a child that could destroy him.

She possesses telepathic and technopathic (she can communicate with and control machines and computers) abilities. She can convert her mind into a form able to enter "Cyberspace," but this leaves her body at great risk to outside attack.





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