Membership: Bubble, Fractal, Fugue, Karbon, Shrapnel, Tattoo

Purpose: Field agents, warriors

Affiliations: agents of Gena-Sys Corporation (under Oonagh Mullarkey) and Mys-Tech (under Ormond Wychwood); Oonagh Mullarkey (creator)

Enemies: Genetix (Base, Ridge, Shift, Stinger, Vesper), S. T. O. R. M.

Base of Operations: Gena-Sys laboratories, London, England

First Appearance: Genetix#2 (November, 1993)

History: The members of Tektos are a group of humans who have had their DNA gene-spliced with (among other things) alien genetic material, courtesy of Dr. Oonagh Mullarkey. They were her second batch of superhumans (not counting Prime Evil and the Pride), after the group Genetix, who left her after learning her true nature and motivation. The members of Tektos have no problem with using their abilities to be just plain evil.

(Genetix#2-6)-The Genetix were attempting to learn their true origins, which had been hidden by Dr. Mullarkey, and so they invaded their former base, Gena-Sys. Initially, the Psycho-Warriors were sent after them, but after Genetix escaped them, Tektos were sent in. After a brief skirmish, Genetix fled through a dimensional portal created by Shift. Tektos was next sent to STORM HQ to obtain further research subjects for Mullarkey. Genetix followed Tektos' trail to STORM HQ, but Tektos teleported away this time, leaving Genetix to take the blame as the invaders. This led to one of those all too often battles of misunderstanding with the Gene Dogs.
After Genetix and the Gene Dogs realized their mistake and made nice, Shift teleported himself and the rest of Genetix back to their base. Fractal managed to latch hold of their space warp, and pull them to Gena-Sys HQ for round two. Tektos overcame the Genetix, who were bound and held prisoner, so they could naturally escape at a later date. Surprisingly enough, Genetix broke free and fought Tektos again, and escaped back to their base after briefly gaining the advantage over Tektos.
Genetix then targeted the Psight Corporation, which was the division of Gena-Sys that dealt with attempting to harvest/create new mutates from the general population. Tektos was sent to stop them, but failed to prevent the destruction of the base. Bubble, Fugue, and an injured Karbon teleported away, while the remaining members were dispatched by Genetix.

COMMENTS: Created by Graham Marks, Andy Lanning, and Phil Gascoine.

See if you can follow this plot: Fight, teleport away, fight, teleport away, fight, teleport away, fight, tele...you get the picture.

No known connection to:

Bubble has no known connection to:

Fugue has no known connection to:

Karbon has no known connection to:

  • Carbon, of either incarnation of the Elements of Doom, @ Avengers I#188, Thunderbolts#6

Shrapnel has no known connection to:

  • Shrapnel of the New Universe, Leland Sharp, a hunter for the Clinic for Paranormal Research, @ DP7#2

Tattoo has no known connection to:

  • Tattoo, the agent of Obadiah Stane, @ Iron Man I#162
  • Tattoo of the New Universe, an agent of Daedalus Darquill, @ Justice#3
  • Tattoo of the Ultraverse, @ Mantra II#5



Bubble can create energy bubbles for a variety of effects. She and others can either ride on top of them, or within them for added protection, and fly or levitate. They can be used as blunt weapons or to disrupt energy.







Fractal is a two-dimensional energy creature. It can manipulate energy in a number of methods. It can lock on to and disrupt the energies of others, fire energy blasts, teleport, etc.
It was dispatched to parts unknown via a portal of Shift.






Fugue is the leader of the group. She can manipulate the emotions of others, most commonly driving them intense fear and panic.








Karbon wears a large exoskeleton which grants him immense strength (Class 25-50) and durability. His primary weakness is electrical disruption of his armor. Another weakness of his is spelling.
He was badly injured by a dual attack from Stinger and Vesper, but he escaped with Bubble and Fugue.






Shrapnel can explode and reform himself, a la Nitro. He is large and likely possesses some degree of superhuman strength and durability, but he mostly just blows up.
He was badly injured after being dumped into a vat of acid, and failed to reform after exploding.






Tattoo, Tudo Sokuto, is the brother of Base of Genetix. Their father sold them to the Yakuza to act as drug runners, but they were eventually captured by Dr. Mullarkey's Mutagenic Search Squad.
During the final battle with Genetix, he was trapped underneath a small avalanche.
Tattoo is (as with most characters named Tattoo) covered with tattoos, which he can transform into three dimensional, solid forms, and then animate them. He often creates snakes and bladed weapons, but he also has skulls, birds, insects, and other forms from which to choose.
--Genetix#2 (5(fb), 2-6





Genetix#2-6 (November, 1993 - March, 1994) - Andy Lanning & Graham Marks (writer), Phil Gascoine (pencils), Robin Riggs (inks)

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