Real Name: James Littlehawk

Identity/Class: Human; Navaho

Occupation: Robber

Affiliations: his friends

Enemies: American Eagle (Jason Strongbow), NYPD (Officer Nick Reyes & Officer Andy Stein), Reservation Police

Known Relatives: American Eagle (cousin), Bonita Littlehawk (mother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City;
    formerly a Navaho Reservation

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents I#128/2 (1993)

Powers/Abilities: None

Jimmy was born as the cousin of Jason Strongbow and grew up in a Reservation.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#128/2 (fb) - Jimmy robbed along with two friends a casino in the Reservation.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#128/2) - On Christmas eve, Jimmy and his friends went to the grocery of his mother in NYC. The NYPD and American Eagle were waiting there for them. Jimmy and his friends shot Officer Andy down. Jimmy fled into the store of his mother and took a woman as a hostage. He threw her away when his mother told him that he hid behind a woman. He dodged a bullet of Andy's partner and threatened him with his gun, but he was out of ammo. American Eagle attacked Jimmy, who threw dirt into his eyes. He wanted to shoot his cousin, but his mother shot him into the arm. Jimmy tried to run away, but his cousin American Eagle punched him into the arms of a Santa Claus model.




Comments: Created by John Figueroa & Ron Wilson

by Markus Raymond

The first name for Jimmy's mothe, last name for Andy and Reyes name were revealed in American Eagle's profile in OHotMU A-Z Update 2010#2.

Jimmy Littlehawk should not be confused with:

Officer Nick Reyes & Officer Andy Stein

Andy and his partner were sitting in a pick-up with American Eagle on christmas eve and they were waiting for Jimmy Littlehawk. When he arrived the Officers tried to take care of Littlehawk and his friends, but Andy was shot. The other Officer followed Jimmy and Eagle into the grocery store were he tried to shoot Jimmy, but he missed and was threatened by him. After Jimmy was defeated by Eagle the Officer wanted to kill Jimmy for what he did to his partner Andy, but American Eagle stopped him.

I named the Officer on the left picture "Growl", because he always looked like a growling dog. Andy was only the first name of the Officer on the right, but at least he had a name.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#128/2


Littlehawk's friends

They robbed with Jimmy a casino in a Reservation and fled with him to NYC. They attacked the policemen with Jimmy, but seconds later they were beaten by American Eagle.

No names were given to them and there is no need for names, because they are Littlehawk's friends.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#128/2


Bonita Littlehawk

Mrs. Littlehawk had a grocery store in NYC. On christmas eve her son came with a gun into her shop and took a woman as a hostage. She was disgusted by his actions and shot him into his arm when he tried to kill his cousin American Eagle. At the end she asked American Eagle when the suffering of their people will end and he didn't have an answer.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#128/2



Jimmy Littlehawk full: Marvel Comics Presents I#128, p11, pan4

Jimmy Littlehawk face: Marvel Comics Presents I#128, p11, pan3

Officer Nick Reyes: Marvel Comics Presents I#128, p11, pan1

Officer Andy Stein: Marvel Comics Presents I#128, p10, pan2

male friend: Marvel Comics Presents I#128, p11, pan3

female friend: Marvel Comics Presents I#128, p11, pan3

Bonita Littlehawk: Marvel Comics Presents I#128, p14, pan3

Marvel Comics Presents I#128 (1993) - John Figueroa (writer), Ron Wilson (pencils), Don Hudson (inks), Terry Kavanagh (editor)

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