Real Name: John Marshall

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Billionaire with terrorist tendencies

Affiliations: his 250 soldiers, Guide

Enemies: American Eagle (Jason Strongbow), Interpol

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: a fort somewhere in the Middle East;
    formerly a Native American land in the United States

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#148/4 (late February, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: None, but he was extremely rich

Nothing is known about the origin of John Marshall and his way to wealth.

(MCP#148/4 fb): John Marshall was ruined through a real estate charge by American Eagle, because he stole land from Native Americans.

BTS - For some reason John Marshall had to leave the United States and was sought by Interpol. This condition was probably connected to his plans against a prominent world leader.

(MCP#148/4): Marshall lured his old enemy American Eagle to an abandoned prison in the Middle East through one of his lackeys and a story about American hostages in it. American Eagle walked into the trap and Marshall imprisoned him. He gave American Eagle the choice between dying and killing a prominent world leader for him. The next morning they decided to die rather than work for Marshall. John called for the execution, but American Eagle fled. Marshall and his soldiers followed American Eagle and got him, but Marshall was then surrounded by men of Interpol. American Eagle had known all along that Marshall was in the land, and had lured him into a trap.


Comments: Created by John Figueroa & Ron Wilson

John Marshall was probably arrested for whatever he did (conspiracy?). It wasn't shown in the story.

It was strange that a ruined man was able to pay an army and so many other things connected to it. For me Marshall smells like a terrorist with some connections.

The prominent world leader Marshall wanted dead was never named. Could've been anybody.

by Markus Raymond

John Marshall should not be confused with:

"Guide of American Eagle"

The Guide was paid by John Marshall to bring American Eagle to the abandoned prison in the Middle East. The plan worked and when American Eagle was behind bars the guide told him that he got a lot of money for this and did it although he rather liked American Eagle.

--Marvel Comics Presents#148/4



John Marshall face: Marvel Comics Presents#148, barcode side, p11, pan5

John Marshall full: Marvel Comics Presents#148, barcode side, p12, pan4

Guide of American Eagle: Marvel Comics Presents#148, barcode side, p10, pan2

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