Real Name: George Mullaney

Identity/Class: Human Paranormal (New Universe)

Occupation: Former movie theater usher

Group Membership: The Para-Troop, The Clinic (Therapy Group D)

Affiliations: Wipeout, Lenore Fenzl, Charlotte Beck, Merriam Sorenson, Jeff Walters, Randy O'Brien, Dave Landers, Jennifer Swenson

Enemies: US Military, Pit Bull, War Dogs, Mothball

Known Relatives: Damon Mullaney (father), Catharine Mullaney (mother)

Aliases: Wild Thing, John Mason

Place of Birth: Elgin, Illinois

Base of Operations: New York City; formerly, the Clinic

Hobbies and Interest: Watching movies, reading, doing crossword puzzles, playing board games

Religion: Presbyterian (non-practicing)

First Appearance: DP7#1 (November, 1986)

Powers: Formerly, Mutator's body would constantly mutate from one form to another, giving him a totally different appearance every 48 hours. For the middle 24 hours of the cycle, Mutator's body configuration was fairly stable and consistent. For the 12 hours leading to and from the stable period, Mutator's body was in a transitional state, possessing attributes of both the form he had possessed and the form he was about to possess. Mutator retained a basic humanoid configuration through his succession of forms. He only once became something significantly non-humanoid. He usually took on various animal characteristics, though his body also mimicked the properties of other substances. There was apparently no pattern to his succession of forms. He was not known to have ever assumed the precisely same form more than once. He had no conscious control over his transformations. Mutator would acquire certain attributes along with the outward characteristics of a given form. For example, in a bird-like form, he could grow working wings; in a mole-like form, he grew long claws. His mass (and thus, weight) remained constant in his various forms. Since the Cure removed his paranormality, Mutator no longer possesses any superhuman abilities.
Mullaney is able to play piano, and he has a working knowledge of Spanish.



History: George Mullaney was born on April 20, 1966.

's paranormal abilities first emerged on September 4, 1986, following "the White Event" (July 22, 1986). On September 19, 1986, he came to the Clinic for help in dealing with his parability.


(DP7#1)- As new arrivals Randy O'Brien and Dave Landers were shown around the Clinic's facility, Mutator, having mutated into the form of a wart-covered man, trained on weight lifting equipment.



(Kickers Inc.#5)- While Philip Nolan Voigt, head of the Clinic, displayed the facility to members of Kickers Inc., Mutator, having mutated into the form of hairy man with simian-like limbs, practiced his agility.




(DP7#17)- Mutator was taunted by "DDTeens" member Mothball, who made fun of him for his porcupine-like appearance, and threw his "mothballs" at him. Jeff Walters came to Mutator's defense, and George was very grateful to him. Later, George attended the assembly formed by the Clinic staff, which quickly turned to a riot. He hid during the fight.



(DP7#18)- On December 23, 1987, George (first spider-form, from top image) was with Jeff in the rec room, when a news bulletin about the destruction of Pittsburgh came over the television. Jeff, whose family were in Pittsburgh, ran from the building. When George found out that Jeff's friends intended to drive to Pittsburgh to find him, he stole aboard their winnebago. By the time they found him hiding in the washroom, they were already an hour away, and decided to allow him to accompany them. While passing a military checkpoint, Mutator "helped out" by assaulting a soldier.
(DP7#19)- As they continued through the remains of Pittsburgh, Mutator, with the others, encountered Jennifer Swenson, aka "Spitfire", a rogue military agent. He helped Merriam Sorenson down from a rooftop, although she was so repulsed by him she found it difficult to be grateful.

(DP7#20)- Needing a place to rest that evening, Mutator found a standing basement with supplies, but knowing that none of the others would want to be close to him, decided to scout outside. Above, he was attacked by the War Dogs, scavengers working for the Pit Bull. The others came to rescue him, but he was made unconscious by Lenore Fenzl's powers.





(DP7#21)- Now having become bird-like, Mutator carried Lenore and Charlotte Beck to search for the others, who had been apprehended by the military, but they found more soldiers nearby. Wanting to help Lenore and Charlotte, Mutator decided to fly away, drawing their fire, but he barely made it in the air before the soldiers shot him down.


(Psi-Force#22)- After escaping the soldiers, Mutator journeyed to New York City. Now in a tiger-like body, he found a gang preying upon homeless people, and helped drive them off. He was taken in by the homeless people, but when his body transformed into silver, they turned on him, planning to cut him up and sell him. Only one homeless man-- a paranormal named Martin with toxic breath-- stood up for George. Transforming into a squid-like creature, George and Martin departed together.











(DP7#30)- Eventually, George and Martin joined the New York gang "the Para-Troop", a team of paranormal criminals. George took the alias "Wild Thing" while Martin called himself "Wipeout". George brought a street thug to the Para-Troop to encourage them to defeat Captain Manhattan for him. The Para-Troop's leader, Acid Queen, disaproved of George's initiative, and had Martin punish him with his toxic breath. Later, during the battle with Captain Manhattan, George was shocked to see his friends from the Clinic aiding Captain Manhattan, but was afraid to tell them who he was.



(DP7#32)- Now in the form of a handsome, African-American man, George decided to take full advantage of his good fortune, and, taking the alias of "John Mason", and approached Charlotte Beck, claiming to be a telepath from the Clinic. He and Charlotte had a brief romance before he revealed his true identity to her, and informed her he would be going to the paranormal called "the Cure" to have his powers removed. Charlotte saw him once more, after he lost his paranormality, but seeing he wasn't as handsome as "John Mason", couldn't bring herself to be with him.




Comments: Created by Mark Gruenwald and Paul Ryan.

Mutator was given extensive biographical information in his profile found in DP7#26.

Mutator was loosely affiliated with a group of paranormals that appeared in the comic DP7 (Displaced Paranormals Seven). However, the group never went by that name, nor any other.

The New Universe possesses interesting temporal characteristics. The White Event occurred on September 4, 1986, after which events moved in real time, at least up to the War, sometime in later 1989, or early 1990. They interacted with the Marvel Universe in 1991-1992 of real time, and were last seen in 1994, at the conclusion of the Star Blast saga. It's unlikely that the characters of the NU will be seen again (a true shame), but I'd like to think that they should somehow stay in real time.--Snood.
Alternatively, per Prime Eternal: It may be that since the Living Tribunal has isolated them from the rest of the Universe, that they are isolated from Eternity as well, meaning they won't age in Marvel Time.

by Prime Eternal

Clarifications: Mutator should not be confused with:

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