Real Name: Alan Sinclair

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Criminal

Affiliations: adult bodyguards

Enemies: American Eagle (Jason Strongbow), children, Det. Frank Ramirez, Tommy St. Clair

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: a warehouse in New York City

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents I#147/4 (early February, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: None, but he was strong enough to beat children and used a handgun.

The scum known as Sinner built up a drug business with the unwilling help of children. He gave runaways money and a place to stay and they had to work for him to pay it back. He brutalized the children whenever they didn't work fast enough. Rumors were circling around about his business, but nobody did anything against it.

(Marvel Comics Presents I147/4) - Sinner was observed by American Eagle, Det. Ramirez and Tony St. Clair. Sinner wanted to hit a boy for not working fast enough, and American Eagle stopped him. Sinner sent his bodyguards against Eagle and Ramirez, who beat them. Sinner told American Eagle that nobody wanted these kids, blamed the parents for their problems, and said that the kids loved him even though he beat them. Eagle wanted to leave with the children, but Sinner got angry and pulled his gun out. American Eagle beat him up for that.




Comments: Created by John Figueroa and Ron Wilson

Sinner was probably arrested by Detective Ramirez after he got beaten up by American Eagle. I can't tell your for sure, because it wasn't shown.

by Markus Raymond

Alan Sinclair aka. Sinner should not be confused with:

Detective Frank Ramirez should not be confused with: Tony St. Clair should not be confused with:

Detective Frank Ramirez

Det. Ramirez worked together with American Eagle to find Tony St. Clair who worked as a drug mule. Ramirez was freezing, but he caught Tony and American Eagle had to separate him from the kid. The kid brought Ramirez and Eagle to the warehouse of Sinner and Ramirez talked about the rumors he heard. He helped American Eagle against the bodyguards of Sinner in a hard fight.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#147/4


Tommy St. Clair

Tony was the son of a woman that grew up in the same reservation as American Eagle. He ran away from home when his stepfather beat him. He became a drug mule for Sinner and was caught by Ramirez and American Eagle. Eagle told him that his stepfather was gone and that he should come home. He didn't want to leave without his friends and brought Ramirez and Eagle to the warehouse of Sinner. There he watched them beating Sinner and his men.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#147/4



adult bodyguards

They where the henchmen of Sinner. They did the fighting for him, but American Eagle and Frank Ramirez were too much for their skills. They were beaten despite their bats, pipes and crowbars.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#147/4



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Tommy St. Clair: Marvel Comics Presents I#147, barcode side, p10, pan3

adult bodyguards: Marvel Comics Presents I#147, barcode side, p14, pan1

Marvel Comics Presents I#147 (February, 1994) - John Figueroa (writer), Ron Wilson (pencils), Ul Higgins (inks), Richard Ashford (editor)

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