Real Name: Dr. Oonagh Mullarkey

Identity/Class: Human, technology user; citizen of the United Kingdom

Occupation: Research scientist, employee of Gena-Sys (a subsidiary of Mys-Tech)

Group Membership: Gena-Sys (Fishburne, Sullivan), H.E.L.L., Mys-Tech (Algernon Crowe, Bronwen Gryffn, Ranulph Haldane, Porlock, Rathcoole, Gudrun Tyburn, Ormond Wychwood (supervisor))

Affiliations: Genetix, Harpies, Jack, Killpower, Mothmen, Plasmer, Prime Evil and the Pride, Tektos (creations); Ambassador, British Sleepers (pawns)

Enemies: Aftermath, Genetix, Killpower, Motormouth, Plasmer, Prime Evil and the Pride, SHIELD (Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate), Jack Smithers, Wolverine

Known Relatives: None. Plasmer is her "good" side.
Julius Mullarkey, aka Killpower, was her ward--He refers to her as mother, although there is no direct familial connection.

Aliases: Ms. Tieque, Mrs. Mullarkey

Base of Operations: Gena-Sys headquarters, London, England; formerly HELL, Alberta, Canada

First Appearance: Motormouth#1 (Marvel UK, June, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Dr. Mullarkey has no inherent superhuman abilities. She is highly skilled in the field of genetic mutations, memory programming, and other forms of advanced science and technology. She is reasonably skilled with a large number of the weapons available within Mys-Tech.
Oonagh was never a particularly nice person (how'd you like to be named Oonagh?), but after splitting off her good half, she's just downright nasty.

History: Oonagh was trained in genetics and other forms of science at an unnamed institution.

(Codename: Genetix#1-3 (fbs))-Approximately fifteen years ago, Dr. Oonagh Mullarkey was employed at the HELL facility, under the alias Ms. Tieque. She collected genetic samples from six inmates from the McCloud Penal Institute for the Criminally Insane, and gene spliced it into several research subjects, presumably some sort of monkeys. The creatures developed into powerful and intelligent, semi-humanoid forms, some with violent tendencies. The most intelligent and most violent of the group, the subject designated Number One, eventually broke out. Using a dimensional warp ability it developed, it took several of the other subjects with it and escaped.
Number One became Prime Evil (taking the name from the prime number one), and the other subjects became his Pride (like a pack of lions). They relocated to the Savage Land, where Prime Evil built a laboratory, where they hoped to create and control a powerful race of genetically engineered creatures to control the world.


(Motormouth#4/2)-Ten years later, now employed at Gena-Sys labs, under the supervision of Ormond Wychwood, Oonagh began work in "transgenics."
After successful work in animals, she began work on her first human subject. One of her assistants, Sullivan, botched up the cell implant instructions, and used a few different subjects than she had intended. However, the child was successfully created. Acting as mother to the infant, she named it Julius Mullarkey--Julius because it was born in vitro, and thus not delivered via the birth canal--which she reasoned as a form of Caesarian section (Julius Caesar). Under her care, Julius grew to become the assassin known as Killpower in about 18 months.

BTS-Oonagh performed genetic mutation on a number of youths, eventually forming the group Genetix.

(Killpower: The Early Years#1, 2, [3], 4) - When Killpower was sent through time by the Time Guardian to locate the Chronifact, Mullarkey sent the newly created Genetix to follow and hopefully retrieve him. After a series of temporal jumps, they successfully returned him to Gena-Sys labs.

(Motormouth#1)-In the modern era, Algernon Crowe directed Oonagh to send Killpower to assassinate SHIELD agents investigating energy released from a MOPED (Mind Operated PErsonal Dematerialization) unit. Before sending him off, she made sure he was equipped with charged lasers, full clips, and clean underwear.

(Motormouth#2)-Again under Crowe's direction, Oonagh sent Killpower after more SHIELD agents.

(Motormouth#3)-Motormouth was brought to Mys-Tech, where she bumped into Killpower and gave him an earful of her "sailor talk." Oonagh advised Julius to steer clear of her sort. Mys-Tech commanded the outfitting of Killpower with a MOPED unit in order to track Motormouth, who had escaped with another one. Oonagh protested, insisting that his genetic code wouldn't be able to handle the unit, and it would kill him. Tyburn overruled her, and sent Killpower off anyway.

(Motormouth & Killpower#8 (fb) - BTS) - Doctor Oonagh Mullarkey used protosilicon's in her micro-surgery work on an amoeboid life form recovered by the Warheads. Splicing the protosilicon and the alien DNA into several completely new hybrid creatures, Mullarkey produced a small number of gestalt life forms. These where further adapted by magical means by Mys-Tech board member Wychwood to create the Harpies.

(Motormouth & Killpower#6-8)-Killpower had rebelled against Mullarkey and Mys-Tech and allied himself with Motormouth. Mys-Tech's Psycho-Wraiths recaptured Killpower and brought him back to Oonagh who attempted to discipline him. He accused her of lying to him, and eventually broke free and took her with him as he attempted to escape. Crowe blasted Killpower from behind, incapacitating him, and he was recaptured.
Motormouth broke into Mys-Tech central to rescue Killpower. In the process, she whacked Oonagh with the butt of her weapon. Killpower, still seeing Oonagh as his mother, stopped Motormouth from injuring her any further. Motormouth and Killpower then escaped.

(Codename: Genetix#1-4)-Prime Evil's Pride began pursuing random attacks throughout both Canada and the UK. They also located Dr. Mullarkey, abducted her, and brought her to the Savage Land to force her to assist their efforts to create a race of warriors. Mullarkey's trail was followed by the group Genetix (who were more recent products of her experiments) and the mutant Wolverine (who had tracked the Pride from their slayings in Canada).
Prime Evil and the Pride captured Wolverine and several members of Genetix. He forced Mullarkey to take samples from Wolverine, and to splice the samples with dinosaurs, creating the warrior race he had sought. However, Oonagh had designed the Dino Men so that they were extremely unstable, and they literally fell apart after a short battle with the heroes. While Prime Evil was watching the battle, Oonagh freed Wolverine. The other heroes defeated the members of the Pride and converged on Prime Evil's citadel. Mullarkey's superior, Wychwood, led a group of Mys-Tech agents to the Savage Land, where they neutralized the force field around the citadel. The Mys-Tech agents opened fire on the citadel, causing it to collapse.
Prime Evil and the heroes all escaped the collapsing citadel, but in the course of their final battle, Prime Evil's genetic structure began to destabilize as well. The various animal and human genetic material and personae all came bubbling to the surface, and when the heroes focused their attacks on him, he exploded. After the conclusion of the battle, Oonagh returned to Gena-Sys labs, but the Genetix refused any further contact with her after learning her true motives.

BTS-Oonagh created Tektos to replace Genetix. She made these agents by gene splicing subjects with alien DNA.

(Plasmer#1-4)-Under direction to learn the secret of the British Sleepers, Oonagh attempted to break the will of Jack Smithers, England's oldest operative. After several failed attempts using psychic manipulations, Oonagh's Mys-Tech superiors chided her. Frustrated at being treated as "Doctor Frankenstein's Girl Friday," Oonagh attempted to replicate one of Wychwood's arcane ceremonies, which he had used to enhance the powers of several of her creations. The process somehow split her into two beings--her "good" half was mutated into a malleable creature which became Plasmer, while her core personality was left in her original body, without any of her inhibitions, conscience, etc.
Now willing to use mind damaging drug dosages on Smithers, "evil Oonagh" succeeded in obtaining the desired secrets. Under her direction, the first Sleeper was awakened. When Crowe and Wychwood dismissed her and put their agent, Chief Gavin Baxter, in charge of the operation. Oonagh then murdered Baxter and regained control. She located the other two Sleepers and activated them as well.


While the Sleepers rampaged through London, Oonagh discovered the source of their power: Freestate Technology. She briefly took control of the Sleepers, but Crowe unwittingly smashed the controls. She observed Plasmer battling the Sleepers, and learned that Plasmer was her good half. Having no desire to regain her previous "limitations", Oonagh sought to destroy Plasmer so that they could never by remerged.
Oonagh took control of the Ambassador, but Plasmer incapacitated him. She attempted to take control of Aftermath, the ultimate expression of the British Sleepers, but it had grown beyond her power and sought to destroy her instead. Plasmer and a number of other heroes managed to destroy Aftermath.

(Genetix#2-5)-Genetix assaulted Gena-Sys headquarters in an effort to learn their true origins. Oonagh sent the Psycho-Warriors to destroy Genetix. When the Psycho-Warriors were defeated, she sent Tektos against them, which resulted in a series of short struggles. Genetix was briefly captured, and Oonagh attempted to reprogram their minds to force them to become her servants once again. Vesper broke herself and the rest of Genetix free before Oonagh could get too far with them. Ultimately, Tektos failed to stop Genetix from destroying the Psight Corporation.

Comments: Created by Graham Marks and Gary Frank.

For some reason, ever time I see her first name, Oonagh, I picture Jabba the Hut saying it:
"Oonah Seho ta, Han Solo!"

I'm not sure why everyone refers to Oonagh as "Mrs. Mullarkey." I can tell you, when you work your @$$ off to get through medical, veterinary, etc. school, it is really annoying to be called "Mr." or "Mrs." That's how I know it's a telemarketer on the phone, so I can hang up. Anyway, maybe Oonagh likes it because it gives her a maternal feeling. Who knows?

Wychwood described each of the two halves of Oonagh's personality as a "Dividual"--a divided person--the opposite of being an individual. Crowe called BS on this description, correctly accusing him of making that word up.

Oonagh Mullarkey should not be confused with:


Jack was one of Oonagh's first successful experiments in transgenics. Jack is a "pantherine", a hybrid panther-wolverine. She described it as "as vicious as a wolverine, quietly lethal as a panther, and as obedient as a domestic dog."







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